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They are not two different things, they are the same thing. The type of learning Jupiter in the 9th promotes is morality, law, ethics and philosophy. By learning morality we obtain hope that there is a positive path that society, and we ourselves, can try to walk. Faith in this path gives us more inner hope, and that inner hope creates a positive mental constitution which makes us visibly brighter on a subtle, but perceptible, level. This is the splendor promoted by Jupiter in the 9th house.

Virtuous : It is one thing to learn the right actions that will generate happiness and prosperity — it is something deeper to have firm trust in them, which creates splendor and brightness. This string of images has presented a gradual deepening of effect of Jupiter in the 9th house. The more positively your entire horoscope supports Jupiter in the 9th the more deeply the effect, and the more fully all four characteristics will manifest. Wealth : All of the above is true wealth. Jupiter in the 9th does not produce wealth from cheating or swindling others.

Jupiter in the 9th promotes wealth that comes from acting morally.



Therefore this wealth is truly the source of happiness. We cannot deeply enjoy that which we feel is improper. We try to rationalize the impropriety of our enjoyment away, but this is shallow happiness. The deeper happiness of Jupiter in the 9th house provides us wealth which is proper, because it come to us from moral deeds in this and in previous lifetimes.

Hopefully you can almost do it yourself by now, after reading my explanations so far. Jupiter in the 9th house produces happiness that is rooted in morality. If the rest of the horoscope does not interfere too strongly Jupiter in the 9th will bestow the full fruition of happiness and morality.

Vedic philosophy says that the ultimate purpose of life is to experience joy and bliss. It gives several paths for realizing this at various stages of evolution. The highest evolution is to realize that true happiness comes from pleasing others — love. The Vedas then guide the fortunate, evolved soul to the most blissful and fulfilling object of love — the Supreme Attractor, whom the Vedas name Sri Krishna.

Ascetic actually means that one gives up selfishness. Jupiter in the 9th grants the wealth of happiness, learning, splendor and virtue to such an extreme that it can take us to the zenith of joy — the ultimate perfection of happiness, which is divine love of Godhead, krsna-prema. It merely shows the evolutionary steps leading up to the effect described by his father pertaining to Jupiter in the 9th House. The more fully your horoscope and your will encourages Jupiter in the 9th to explore morality and faith the more fully all of these images will manifest in your life.

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For the rest, best to meet him. Skip to content This is an excerpt from one combination in my new reading, Vedic Wisdom on your Planets in the Houses, which you can order here. In Hora Sara, Prithuyasha says: Jupiter in the 9th will make one enjoy all kinds of happiness.

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Movies Currently Playing. Imagine and write down a list of things that could possibly make a bad, really bad film. Having made your list, carry it along and go to the nearest cinema hall to watch "Onbathula Guru", provided it's running. If not, save yourself the torture. As you watch the film, you would be surprised to find that everything you have put down on the piece of paper is evident on screen. Now, there's no reason to pat your back because it's the sheer carelessness of the director that you could score a centum in this exercise.

If you plan on making a documentary on how not to make a film, then I suggest you use this film as an example. The film opens with a scene that's reminiscent of the opening scene from "The Hangover". On the day of his marriage, Guru goes missing. His anxious would-be-wife calls his best friend to find out about his whereabouts. Cut to next scene, in a dense forest, lying clueless, Billa answers the call only to realise he doesn't even know his whereabouts.

Tamil actor Vinay has a busy 2013

Cut to the past, we're introduced to a bunch of friends who share names of characters from popular Tamil films. The rest of the story takes us through the lives of these disgruntled men, unhappy with their married lives and seeking a return to bachelorhood.

While the first half tracks the circumstances leading to the marriages of the wolf pack, the second half focuses on how these men decide to relive their glory days one last time. Guru, who is soon to be married, joins the party. Before you know it, they are drooling over the same woman Sanjana, played by Lakshmi Rai.